Instant Noodles Literary Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2024

“The word, birthday, refers to the day you were ready to slip out of your mother’s warm womb, slide out from her vaginal canal, that accommodating life portal, covered in white, cream biofilm, still tethered by a thick, pulsing cord,…”

Dinner with Friends

Shortlisted for the 2022 CBC Short Story Prize

“We were howling too. But ours originated from laughter. The kind that made our chests heave, the kind that forced our bodies to involuntarily bend at the waist as we tried to catch our breath. The kind that made us think we would be friends for life.”

What Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Runner-up, 2020 Little Bird Contest
Available from Invisible Publishing

“It will come to you years later to be thankful for the shame and anger that rolled through your body, the force of it breaking apart something inside of you. A container filled with the knowledge that you can take up space too, that you have the right to draw your own boundary.”